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This game is going to be a World of Darkness game, using the God-Machine Chronicle setting. This setting has an emphasis on the fear of the unknown, presenting mortal characters with challenges to their very definition of reality. The God-Machine, should you ever live to discover anything about it, is vast and alien, and unknowable, and most that uncover a piece of it’s inner working goes mad… or perhaps they are pulled in to become one of the cogs in the machine.

I am purposefully withholding information about the God-Machine and the designs of the setting, so that they can be revealed to you as they are revealed to your characters. However, if there is any information that you as players would like to have that may inform your character creation, I will be happy to provide it.

For character creation, there are a number of modified and new rules, that complement or replace the existing WoD rules. I can provide a game rule section of the PDF to everyone, as soon as I get a chance to cut that section out of the main PDF.

I’d like everyone to think about a character they would like to play that would fit within that starting location listed above. This isn’t meant to be restrictive, and almost any concept will be acceptable (within reason of course). If you want to play a rocket scientist, perhaps you found a good deal on a condo within the block, and work at a lab a few miles away (perhaps in Phoenix). If you want to play a cop, the 300 block has a precinct, but most of their work involves helping other precincts, as these is not as much crime as would be expected in an area like this.

Before we put dots on paper, I want to get a discussion going in the forums about character ideas (and anything that you want to be a “deep dark secret” for example, we can discuss privately). This is to ensure that no one is stepping on toes, and to help with the next section of character creation: The Network


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