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The 300 Block

The Block that holds the teaching hospital – the 300 block as the locals call it – isn’t ritzy, but it’s home. How long have you all lived here and never noticed that people just… vanish.

Welcome to Surprise, Arizona, population 120,000. Located northwest of Phoenix, this town has exploded in the past 10 years. In 2000, the population was just 30,000. For the most part, the town is just your average suburbia, but it hasn’t been without it’s growing pains.

The game will begin in and around the 300 block. The “block” (which is actually closer to a square mile) was originally sectioned off for the huge teaching hospital at the center, and those involved in running, teaching, and attending that hospital.

Since that time, the block has sort of taken on it’s own subculture. A town within a city if you will. It still consists of a large number of medical professionals, but there has been people slowly trickling in over the years, as the city has grown. There are a large number of retirees that have taken residence, as well as a good amount of low income housing that has sprung up.

This part of the city has been around since before the population boom, and has resisted much of the changes to the city. It has a comfortable feeling for its residents, for the most part, they feel safe, something that isn’t very common in the world these days.

Cogs in the Machine

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